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Spot Bonuses

Great work should be rewarded in real time, not whenever points accumulate or a paycheck hits.

Looking for an effective spot bonus program for your office? Well look no further! With Giftedd’s solution, your employees will receive their spot bonuses in real-time. They’ll no longer have to wait for their spot bonuses to hit their bank accounts weeks after they did something deserving, or for points to accumulate until they can be redeemed.

Employees Birthdays

Whether people admit it or not, they care about their birthday. We’ve automated the entire birthday gift giving process so that you’ll never forget (or find some other excuse) to gift for this special occasion.

Looking to jazz up the office birthday celebration, but don’t have the time to run to the local store, wait in line and expense the gift or get lost in online shopping? What if we told you that you also don’t have to stay on top of remembering all your employees’ birthdays? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Our solution is the perfect office birthday celebration idea because we’ve automated the entire gift giving process, and your company gets props for not sending the usual cake, flowers, and wine.

New Born

Newborn? Send a personalized gift that pampers mom, dad, and baby during this exciting new chapter in life.

Are you in need of the perfect newborn baby gift for your employee? Send a personalized birth gift that gives mom and dad the option to choose whether they want to buy something for their newborn, or pamper themselves with during this exciting new chapter in their lives.

Work Anniversaries

Show your employees that they’re a valuable part of your organization by celebrating their milestones with customized gifts sent from the company.

Are you sending work anniversary gifts that don’t quite have the impact you were hoping for? After all, your employees are wonderful and you want to show them that they’re appreciated when they hit their work anniversary milestones, right? We combine work anniversary gifts and work anniversary cards into one incredible solution that is completely automated. At the click of a button you have the ability to make your employees feel special on their anniversaries with a personalized e-mail from your entire company that contains many incredible gifts that they get to choose from.

Holiday Gifting

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Look no further. Your recipients get to choose the gift they want to spoil themselves with this holiday season.

Need to get employee holiday gifts but don’t have a clue where to start? We have the perfect corporate holiday gifts. What makes them so special is that your employees get to choose the gifts they want to receive this holiday season for a list of the nation’s leading retailers.

New Hires

Nothing says welcome to the team - we’re excited that you joined us, quite like a small and personalized gift from the entire company.

Searching for those perfect welcome gifts for new employees but unsure what they want because you barely know them? We specialize in employee appreciation gift ideas because our solution enables them to choose the gift they actually want from a list of leading national retailers. So we take the guesswork out and ensure that you give the perfect gift for new hires, every time.