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Sell Digital Gift Cards For Your Business

No startup costs | No monthly fees | No commitment | No fraud risk | No credit card commission payments | No POS integration required

The ultimate gifting solution for your business starts here!

Our Gift Card Solution

Our fully customizable digital gift card solution seamlessly integrates into your existing website, Facebook page, or newsletter, and enables you to spread brand awareness through gift cards directly to new and existing customers in an engaging way.

Gift Packages

Did you know that the perceived value of a gift package is 62% higher than a regular cash gift card? Our unique gift package solution allows you to create custom packages and price them accordingly.

Online Gifting Dashboard

Get real time stats on your business’s gift card sales. Review reports, track trends and best selling packages, and see how great your gift card program is working.

No POS Integration Necessary

With our easy to use redemption app or web interface, you will be up and running within 24 hours. We offer a hassle-free redemption process that simply requires punching in the gift card number to redeem the gift card.

Gift Card Fun Facts...

Customers typically spend over 18% MORE than the value of their gift card, opening your business up to upsells!

76% of people bring at least one other person along when redeeming the gift card that they’ve received. Expose your business to new customers, today!

People are 55% less price sensitive when buying a gift for a coworker or loved one than they are when buying a gift for themselves.